Your ability to see in the spirit realm is crucial for your vitality and victories in life. Spiritual blindness(lack of knowledge) is the cause of the destruction of God’s people. There is what I call the “prophetic eye” that sees visions through special abilities that God grants. There is the eye of understanding that brings you into epignosis( or intimate, accurate and experiential knowledge) of Christ. Learn how to use all of your spiritual eyes to see Jesus!



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Zora Haines
Zora Haines
4 years ago

Dear Dr. Oben,
I am so thankful for this teaching! So many times, even yesterday in church, because the Worship was so awesome, my heart was crying, LORD, let me “see You – Jesus, let me behold Your Presence”. And, because of your teaching that I just listened to this morning, I receive and know that my “Eyes of Understanding” have been opened! Oh, thank You, Holy Spirit! At the first of the year, I attended a class called “Developing a Prophetic Culture”, and so many of the attendees said they had visions….could “see” angels, have seen Jesus, etc. I began to wonder, maybe prophesy is not for me, I don’t have visions. I even said, “I “see” when I’m in the WORD” but I don’t have visions. Praise God, The WORD excites me, and often when I’ve spoken to others, the excitement of the WORD transfers from me to them – it makes me full of JOY! The WORD makes me alive, and gives me Hope! O Praise God, I thank GOD for Epignosis! And I thank God for your teachings! Thank you for responding to the Holy Spirit and sharing this Good News, this Revelation! This is so what I needed!

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