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  • Dr. Oben,
    Thank you for your teachings! God is so Good! It is always so refreshing to hear and see living, Rhema Word! Yesterday, again, I asked Holy Spirit for a fresh and complete revelation and understanding …. for increase in “right thinking” with and through “Rhema Word”. And, I believe with all my heart, that He led me to your “Glory & Grace” site, which led me to your Live Bible Study on Deshen TV. I love The Word! I searched for “Rhema Word” to remind myself of what it really means, and I found your post “How To Receive A Rhema Word Today”. I’ve read and listened to several of your messages related to my quest for seeking wisdom, and I am so thankful. I’ve downloaded your free gifts and I so look forward to seeing and hearing more from your anointed teachings, Blessings to You and Yours!

    • Praise the Lord for His wonderful grace indeed! Thank you for those encouraging words. The Word, the Word, the Word indeed is all we need. I pray every believer develops that passion for the Word I see in you! The Lord continue to grant you deeper insights into the mysteries in His Word as you see Him. Blessings